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InTouch USA offers competitive rental rates on cellular, wireless, GSM, and satellite phones, and Nextel or 2-way equipment for logistics planners. Don't worry about the technology, just tell us where you are going and we will know what you need (inquire now). We pioneered this business in 1987!

InTouch USA's phones can provide communications anywhere on earth. Let us fax you information on rates and coverage -- we know you'll find that rentals from InTouch USA are competitive and that our staff is knowledgeable about wireless around the world.

Can't imagine traveling without e-mail? InTouch USA rents data-ready phones and data accessories to connect with your laptop. All you have to do is ask (and have an ISP that provides international access).

Our order form will generate a fax back to you which includes all rates. We will not process your order until you initial that fax and return it to InTouch USA, indicating that you would like to proceed.





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