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GSM Sim or Handset Rentals:

Travel to 6 continents on one wireless phone with InTouch USA's GSM roaming services. InTouch USA has the most comprehensive international roaming available and has local numbers in many countries.

The list indicates countries which offer GSM wireless service. If you go to a major or capital city in these countries, you can use GSM. If you travel to remote regions, such as to the mountains or the desert, you may need a satellite phone. We will do our best to provide the smallest, least expensive and most effective communication solution. Inquire now for details on pricing, coverage or availability.

Please let us know your current carrier and handset preference. We will do our best to match your handset on the appropriate frequency or network.

Please be SPECIFIC about where you will be roaming with your sim, and confirm with your carrier that you can roam to that particular or destination.

Lead Time: Prefer 2-3 business days.


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